• Professor

    Noboru Mizushima


    1985: Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
    1991: Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
        (M.D., Ph.D.)

    Research Positions:
    1997: Post doctoral fellow and Assistant professor, Department of Cell Biology,
        National Institute for Basic Biology (Yoshinori Ohsumi’s lab)
    2004: Laboratory Head, Department of Bioregulation and Metabolism,
        The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
    2006: Professor, Department of Physiology and Cell Biology,
        Tokyo Medical and Dental University
       Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
       Graduate School and Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo

    Selected publications

     See the page 「Publications/Selected publications」


    2001, Young investigator award of the Japanese Biochemical Society; 2005, Mitsubishi Chemical Award of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan; 2006, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, The Young Scientists’ Prize; 2007, FEBS Letters Young Scientist Award; 2008, JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Prize; 2008, Tsukahara Award (Brain Science Foundation); 2009, Inoue Prize for Science; 2010, Kakiuchi Samuro Memorial Award (Japanese Biochemical Society); 2011, The Takeda Prize for Medical Science; 2013, Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates; 2014, The Yomiuri Techno Forum, Gold Medal Prize; 2015, The Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine Award; 2016, The Uehara Prize; 2016, Academic Award of the Mochida Memorial Foundation; 2017, Takamine Memorial Daiichi Sankyo Prize; 2020, The Fujiwara Prize; 2020, The Medical Award of the Japan Medical Association; 2020, Japan Medical Research and Development Grand Prize, Minister of MEXT Award; 2021, Medal with Purple Ribbon.

    Other Professional Activities

    The Japanese Biochemistry Society (Managing Director, former President), The Molecular Biology Society of Japan (former Director), Japan Society for Cell Biology (Director), American Society for Cell Biology, eLife (reviewing editor), Molecular Cell (editorial board)、Autophagy (associate editor)、Cell Structure and Function (associate editor)、Genes to Cells (associate editor)、Journal of Biochemistry (advisory board), The American Society for Clinical Investigation (Membership)、EMBO (Associate membership)


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