Our aim is that each student forges their own identity as a researcher and becomes a world-class, prospective researcher upon completion of the PhD course. For this reason, we believe that it is very important not only to pursue the assigned subjects for the dissertation, but also to identify new challenges and research subjects independently and to develop the capabilities to solve them.


Recruitment of graduate students

If you are interested in joining the Mizushima lab (as a master student, PhD student, or international student researcher), please contact Prof. Mizushima (nmizu<at> by the end of March of the year of the entrance examination.
We accept two master students (maximum) and a few doctoral students per year.


Actual Activities

  • A weekly lab meeting (Tuesday or Wednesday morning); consisting of an individual Data Progress Report (by about 5 members) and a Journal Club (performed by one member)
  • A weekly Pre-Journal Club (held in the early evening of the day before the above lab meeting); consisting of students up to the second-year PhD and a tutor
  • About once-a-month basis meeting; individual meeting with the professor or project-group meeting
  • Biannual academic-style grand meeting (in March and September); all members are involved. We conduct these meetings in English and welcome visitors


You may be the right person for our lab if you are someone who:

  • is adventurous and likes to discover new things without extreme worry or unease (*1)
  • is not emotionally affected by observed data and conducts research in a steady and calm manner
  • has a rich imagination while being a keen observer
  • has a great deal of interest in cells as well as the entire body
  • likes to write (*2)
  • was good at mathematics and physics in high school (*3)
  • obsesses over ‘numbers’
  • desires to make things abstracted and generalized
  • is lucky (to be exact, is a person who seizes lucky opportunities)
  • ※1 An appropriate level of doubt is acceptable and expected
  • ※2 Writing skills are more valuable than speaking
  • ※3 It is not a big deal even if biology was not a favorite subject

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